Wednesday, November 23, 2016


   I have been learning about the Olympics and I read about the Olympic. I used the highlighter to highlight the interesting information. I wrote about the torch in my own words. Something that challenged me was writing in my own words and not copying because you are not allowed. I wrote all my information so other peole can read it. This is my information.

The Modern Olympics

Have you ever seen the modern Olympics be for? The modern Olympics are held every 4 years. People play all different sports and try to win medals.

How the Olympics started
A man called Baron Pierre de Coubertin wanted peace all around the world and had a idea to make the Olympic Games for everyone. The modern Olympics was  started in 1896.

Olympic Rings
The Olympic rings represent the 5 continents of the world that competed in the first modern Olympics. The 5 continents are Africa, Asia, america, Australia and Europe. The colours are blue, yellow, black, green and red on a white background. One of these colours are on every flag in the world. The rings are linking because the athletes come together as friends.

The Olympic medals show the people who came first and second and third in the races. Gold is first and silver is second and bronze is third. The Olympic gold medals are made of  silver and a layer of gold.

Olympic torch is  lit in Olympia in Greece because it is where the ancient Olympic games were held. During the Olympic games in ancient Greece sacred  fires were lit in Olympia.  The fires were lit for Zeus the  king of  the gods and his wife Hera. The Olympic fires were  lit by torches.  The Olympic fires burn until the game's are over. The Olympic torch goes from Olympia, all around the world to Rio.


The modern olympics are great to have because it help people care for each other and teaches people to keep trying and never give up.

 I have made a ring crown and I would like to show you it.